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Grow your business to the next level

Running a business in today’s competitive market is hard. With so much at stake, one wrong pivot can cost an enormous amount of time and money, putting your business at risk. 

At Vaughan Strategies, our team of experienced business leaders across Finance, Sales, Marketing, and Operations has guided hundreds of entrepreneurs to success. With our help, you can skip the costly mistakes and instead, lead your business to success.

Vaughan Strategies exists to provide the support and expertise necessary for values-driven businesses to find a firm foundation for their organization.

With our expertise and knowledge, you can skip the costly mistakes and instead, lead your business to success.

Why Vaughan Strategies

As seasoned business leaders, our goal is to guide you to success. 

Our passion is to help businesses avoid the costly mistakes we made in the early years.  Whether you are seeking to overcome growth ceilings, streamline processes, or launch a new product or brand, it is essential to have a clear business and financial model.

At Vaughan Strategies, we have personally built and launched nearly a dozen businesses of our owns, including having several 7-figure exits. We want to offer entrepreneurs the benefit of our knowledge, expertise, and connections. By developing a tailored plan for our clients, we’ve been able to help hundreds of business leaders grow and reach their goals.

Here’s how easy it is to get started

1. Discover

We determine where you’re at, where you’re wanting to be, and what it will take to be there.

2. Plan

We develop a custom curriculum or consulting arrangement to help you achieve your goals.

3. Renew

You’ll be back on track with a new sense of hope as you achieve the mission and goals you believe in.

Meet Clay Vaughan

For the past 15 years Clay Vaughan has successfully served business leaders in growing their business and sharing their stories. Clay owns multiple businesses, he is the founder of Reverent Wedding Films- a multi-million dollar business, and even has his own podcast called Good Business, where he inspires business leaders to continue their pursuit of success while still maintaining their values. Clay has been a business coach and guide to many entrepreneurs, helping them reach their goals, and he loves serving new business leaders.

  • Building a Business that Lasts
  • Marketing & Messaging that Works
  • How to Use Story to Sell Anything
  • Blending Work, Life, & Family

What our partners are saying

I cannot speak highly enough about Clay and his team! They truly go above expectations and include your best interest at heart along the way.

Lisa HearronCEO, My Event Angels

Clay delivers exactly what he says, follows up, and gives you an experience that makes you feel like you matter. Even better he can back up everything with analytics and deliverable statistics.

Landon ClarkCEO Bytes Managed IT

Podcast: Good Business with Clay Vaughan

Good Business with Clay Vaughan is a weekly podcast that interviews business leaders about the hardest things they’ve faced and what they did to overcome them. The goal of this podcast is to inspire business leaders to continue their pursuit of success while still maintaining their values.

If you want to be more successful and gain valuable insight from seasoned business leaders, then you’re in the right place and this podcast was designed for you!

Enough Talk, Let’s Build Something Great Together

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